Monday, January 30, 2012

Are We actually living in a real democratic country: and Why Anna got people Gallore in his Anshan

Democracy means: A place where all are equal(religion, people, views etc). Let's talk about our own Indian Democracy. Just have a look at a few fascinating but cruel facts:

The world knows us as a Chaste democratic country, But do we feel like the same.....We are living in a country where speaking publicly against our so called alleged politicians is considered as a crime. It is not applicable only for common man.....but even when public figures like Anna and Baba Ramdev say something publicly...they have to face the repercussions of it. It has become a country where writers like Taslima Nasreen are not provided security just because she has written things which actually are happening in and around our country. It is a country where Painters like M.F.Hussain can not give shapes to his imaginations and dies in a foreign country just wishing to die at his homeland till his last breath. It is a country where still the government does not knows properly that how to calculate poverty line. It is the same country where there are no such strict punishments for Vandalism(recent incident of vandalism at TOI Mumbai Office) and yes it is the same country where Kasab eats biryaani at the government costs. It is the country where Narendra Modi claims to be non-secular and still wins poll consecutively for two terms and on the other hand no one even knows properly about the "Iron Lady of Manipur" Irom Sharmilla fasting for more than 11 years. Three days back, she made this comment for the mockery of our democracy by so called politicians:
'Sharmila said promises made by politicians during campaigning were a mockery of a democratic country and condemned politicians for failing to repeal the AFSPA despite "countless promises".'
  And there is noone to listen to her woes even if she is not fighting only for herself.
It is a country where CommonWealth Game Scam culprit Suresh Kalmadi gets bail after 8 months and it is the same place where Female child is still considered as a bane and government is still a mute spectator.

If I will start mentioning such incidents in a  hierarchical manner then probably I will have to spend a few years writting those stories.

But what I have realised is that the people of our country are very smart and they have learned the way of surviving in these situations. what they have started relying upon. And they are carrying the fire inside themselves without uttering a single word. And that is why when they get a platform(like of Anna's anshan) they find themselves helpless but to take part in it. They find it a way of expressing their anger. And that is why people who were not even aware of Anna's LokPal intentions, took part in it. That was just an emotional digression from the belief which we had in our Government. I am still wondering that till how much more time will we be carrying this burden of being a Democratic Country unless some revolution or mutiny( I dont wish for a coup) takes place in our country.....? ? ?

This is the kind of democracy we are in.....Unfortunately, I would have rather preferred communalism, capitalism or autocracy as there would have been other developments atleast if not Humanity related.

   Article By:
-- Pushpak Pandey 


  1. Friends...Post ur opinions too.....! ! ! !

  2. It is not a country where people rely on silence but the people forget things very fast as their is always a new thing or a new scam, all thanks to the media who can make who have more power than any person in India, even the ministers think twice to talk to them.
    most of the time and specially in Anna's case people didn't know that where r they gonna land and that is the main problem of the youth or in case ours.